Helsinki – Capital of Finland

Introduction We were in Helsinki for the first time in our lives. We did not have friends living here like we do in most countries we go to. We arrived by train in the city at the monumental Art Nouveau Central Station. We walked the streets for hours, as is our normal way. We saw.....
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June 26, 2019

Norway – Part 2 – Oslo

Introduction On my first visit to Oslo, we went to the city’s top attractions, including Vigeland Sculpture Park… …the Parliament Building… …and the Nobel Peace Center. We are fortunate usually to have good friends where we travel, in this case Khadija’s former colleague Rolf gave us a walking tour of Oslo. Khadija thought her friend Nasrin.....
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June 17, 2019

Norway – Part 1 – Tromsø & the Lofoten Islands

Introduction We were traveling above the Arctic Circle on the Norway coast and witnessed non-stop scenic landscapes of towering mountains… …sweeping fiords… …and splendid flower and rock formations. We were inspired to hike the mountains and chose Justadtinden on Vestvågøy Island. It started well, trekking up the mountain. After an hour, we were separated and.....
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June 13, 2019

Stockholm – Capital of Sweden

Introduction We walked for hours in Stockholm. We saw many of the images you expect, such as venerable buildings by a harbor… …and bicyclists everywhere. However, while we were there, it was the start of national elections. This piqued my interest in Sweden’s national politics. It took me three days, but I finally met Prime.....
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June 12, 2019

Colombia – Part 3 – Cartagena

Introduction We had only two full days in Cartagena. For one of those days, we decided to drive to Aracataca, the birth place of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel laureate author. We thought if we left early, we could make the one-way 4.5 hours and 160 miles (260 kilometer) distance. We took a taxi to.....
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May 24, 2019

Colombia – Part 2 – Medellín

Introduction Medellín was recently known as the world’s most dangerous city. It may now be as famous for being the home of arguably South America’s most renowned living artist, Fernando Botero, and his signature rotund art. What Medellín should also be celebrated for is its excellent public transportation, including the metro… …light rail… …cable cars….....
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May 20, 2019

Colombia – Part 1 – Bogotá

Introduction This was the first time I was in Colombia. In the capital city of Bogotá, I expected a few things, such as delightful colonial buildings… …massive churches in front of mountains… … friendly and warm people on the street… …but what I was blown away with was the psychedelic graffiti. This alone made the.....
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May 16, 2019