Kumbh Mela – The World’s Largest Religious Event

Sadhu on a crowded road - India

Introduction I finally made it to the Kumbh Mela where I… …observed thousands of Hindu pilgrims bathing in the Sangam, the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati Rivers…   …and talked with Sadhus, the Hindu ascetics who have has renounced the worldly life.   I even had chai (tea) with Rasta-looking Naga Sadhus, who were […]

Mumbai – City of Dreams

Group of young people in front of a sunset view - India

Introduction Even though I have visited India several times, this was my first trip to Mumbai. I knew it was the target of a deadly terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel.   I knew it was the financial and business capital of India with a sprawling skyline.   While Mumbai was modern in many ways, I […]