Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone River Canyon & Lower Falls with Title

President Grant signed the Yellowstone Act of 1872 into law to preserve 2 million acres of public land as America’s first national park. The land was occupied by Shoshone Indians and other indigenous nations who hunted there for thousands of years. After an 1856 exploration, Jim Bridger spoke about the area’s hot springs, geysers, and […]

Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Wyoming & Mesa Falls Idaho

Jackson Lake with Mountain Reflections

I’ve traveled to many of the great US national parks in the west, from Montana to New Mexico and California to Colorado. In these travels, I somehow skirted by Grand Teton National Park but I finally arrived as part of a 16-day, 3000-mile Rocky Mountain Road Trip with my friend Mike. These mountains are some […]

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument Fossils

I grew up in Colorado and have visited most of the major national parks and monuments, but for some reason never made it to Dinosaur National Monument in northwest Colorado and northeast Utah. Well, I finally did on the first stop of a 16-day, 3000-mile Rocky Mountain Road Trip. As the name implies, it’s known […]

Rocky Mountains Road Trip Overview

Stanley Idaho, Sawtooth Mountains, Salmon River

For over a year, I was unable to travel because of Covid-19. Finally after taking two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, I could leave the confines of my comfortable home. By the beginning of May, it was still difficult to travel internationally because of country restrictions. So, I decided to check out parts of the […]