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Women of Ouadane, Mauritania

Mauritania – Where the Sahara Meets the Sahel

Mauritania is a country most people can’t find on a map. The few who are familiar with the name often confuse it with the very different Mauritius. It’s a large country and not particularly far to fly to from Europe and the United States, yet it’s one of the least

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Northern Kombo Coast, Gambia

Gambia – Nature and Culture Following the River

Gambia is a small, densely populated West African country completely surrounded by Senegal except for the Atlantic Ocean. The finger-like shape comes from being a former English colony situated on each side of the Gambia River. The official name of Gambia is the Republic of The Gambia (with a capital

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Clock Tower, Avenue Habib Bourguiba

Tunisia – Roman Ruins, Arab Culture and Star Wars

In this compact country there are beautiful beaches, historic medinas, Roman ruins, mountain hiking and camel rides, as well as a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars. There are even many Star War filming locations here. In fact, the desert planet Tatooine name comes from the Tunisian city of

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