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Hanoi - Woman with Sun Glasses

Vietnam – Part 4 – Hanoi

Introduction Hanoi is one of my favorite cities in the world. As with the rest of Vietnam, it is young and beaming with energy, optimism and joie de vivre. While being a metropolis, it retains a small-town feel, especially in the Old Quarter. It is a beautiful city merging modern

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Bai Tu Long Bay

Vietnam – Part 3 – Bai Tu Long Bay

Introduction I can’t remember how and when in my childhood when I associated strange, hump hills with Vietnam. However it impregnated my brain, this iconic impression was prominently remembered as the buttes of Monument Valley. It took me decades to finally see these incredible rock formations in the Vietnamese bays.

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Ba Be National Park - Ba Be Lake

Vietnam – Part 2 – Ba Be National Park

Introduction We were slowly sailing by karst peaks on the Nang River. We occasionally saw someone walk through the dense forest. We passed through a dark grotto where we could hardly see our helmsman steering the boat with a long pole. After our boat was securely moored in the grotto,

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Thress Ta Phin - Red Dao ladies in front of a house with green door

Vietnam – Part 1 – Sapa

Introduction As we walked in the chilly air down a steep mountain path, we saw a panorama of formidable mountains with serpentine rice terraces. Our companions were Hmong women with bold earrings, checkered headwraps, richly embroidered indigo tunics, and bright purses with long shoulder straps. We chatted amiably about our

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