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Mount Titano

San Marino and the Three Towers

San Marino is the fifth smallest country in the world (81 sq km /24 sq mi, about half the size of Manhattan), the third smallest country in Europe, and has one of the smallest populations at about 34,000 residents. Completely surrounded by Italy, San Marino is one of the three

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Marsamxett Harbour

Malta – Center of the Mediterranean

To have a good understanding of European history including relations with the Maghreb, Middle East and the Ottoman Empire, one must be familiar with Malta. It’s a diminutive archipelago in the Mediterranean that has been inhabited for 8,000 years. It has been ruled by many, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks,

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Güell Park, Barcelona

Barcelona – City of Gaudí and Much More

Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city and capital of Catalan, is considered a Top-5 destination in Europe and a Top-15 in the world. It has enviable restaurants, lively nightlife, long beaches, good public transportation, incredible architecture (particularly the work of Antoni Gaudí) and an artistic heritage that continues to evolve. It’s

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Ljubljana – Slovenia Capital That All Ages Love

Many travelers do not know where Slovenia is or confuse it with the similarly sounding Slovakia. The Slovenian people’s ancestral roots go back over 1,500 years and for hundreds of years under the sovereignty of the Habsburg Monarchy. After WWI, they became part of Yugoslavia.    It wasn’t until 1991

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Gate of Fortified Wall in Mdina, Malta

Malta has many fortified walls around towns and cities.  An impressive one is in Mdina.  Malta is the only European country and only Roman Catholic country where the language is Semitic (related to Arabic and Hebrew).  The language took hold when Arabic speakers colonized the island starting in 870 AD

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