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Malta Neolithic Art

Around 5,500 years ago (before the Egyptian pyramids) Neolithic people inhabited Malta. Not much is known for them except the temple ruins and artwork they left behind, such as this figure from the Ġgantija (Giantess) Temple on the island of Gozo. Interestingly the head is removable for a replacement.  This

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Napoleon Movie Filming in Malta

Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby are now shooting in Malta on Ridley Scott’s film “Kitbag,” about Napoleon’s rise to power.  The pictured frigate was built to represent a generic warship, with her design mainly inspired by the 1741 HMS Blandford. Scott previously used Malta as a location for “White Squall”

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Malta Folk Dancing

Six dancers in traditional eighteenth century costumes performing Maltese folk dances called Il-Maltija.   Il-Maltija the name given to the country dance (Maltese kuntradanza) which has come to be considered as the Maltese National Dance Maltese dance plays a major part in the Maltese culture and way of life, just

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The organ at St. Teresa Sanctuary Malta

St. Teresa Sanctuary in the Monastery of Discalced Carmelite Order in Malta.  The organist recently replaced a very old wooden keyboard and many of the organ pipes. He gave an example of how certain keys make certain notes similar to musical instruments.

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Malta Landscape

Malta is an island speck of mostly limestone in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Tunisia with some beautiful country landscapes.  This view is from the fortified walls of the city of Mdina.  The landscape of Malta islands were formed from the higher points of the land bridge that connected

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First Day in Malta

First day in Malta, my 115th country (82 to go), after 2 flights from NYC through Rome.  An amazing site is Bulleta Church on the Harbor at night.  Dinner at Paranga, a great harborside seafood restaurant with Scilian influence in the capital Valetta, the capital.  Khadija and I shared white

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“On the Edge of Nowhere” by James Huntington

On the Edge of Nowhere

by James Huntington SYNOPSIS James Huntington, the son of a white trapper and an Athabascan Indian mother, grows up learning the art of survival in

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