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Waterfalls, Argentina, South America

Argentina – Iguazu Falls

ARGENTINA – IGUAZU FALLS One could make a case that Iguazu Falls is the most impressive waterfall system in the world. It is a series of over 200 falls over a mile and half, some quite powerful, cascading down over 600 feet (twice the height of Niagara). Not slighting New

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PATAGONIA Overview Patagonia is about 400,000 square miles in Argentina and Chile (about the size of Texas and twice the size of Germany). About two-thirds or 260,000 square miles is in Argentina, which is about a quarter of the country. The northern border is the Colorado and Barrancas rivers. The

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Cuba: Living in the Past – Evolving to the Future.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean with great beaches, impressive (though often deteriorated) architecture and friendly, stylish people. It is renowned for its music creating genres such as: rumba, mambo, trova and others; and for its musicians including the international famous Buena Vista Social Club. However, the single

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“On the Edge of Nowhere” by James Huntington

On the Edge of Nowhere

by James Huntington SYNOPSIS James Huntington, the son of a white trapper and an Athabascan Indian mother, grows up learning the art of survival in

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