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1 Uluru and Curving Road DSC_1241 (now on site)
2 Avenue of the Baobab – During Day – Madagascar
3 Fishing Boats at Sunset – Jaffna Sri Lanka IMG_6252 jpg
4 Upper Navua Gorge Rafting DSC_5473 (now on site, cropped)
5 Kuang Si Waterfall – Laos
6 Panorama – El Alto Bolivia
7 Kumbh Mela Street-at-Night DSC_1292
8 Red Lemur – Madagascar
9 Palace of the Parliament – Bucharest Romania 1467
10 French Quarter New Orleans DSC_7818

Malta Neolithic Art

Around 5,500 years ago (before the Egyptian pyramids) Neolithic people inhabited Malta. Not much is known for them except the temple ruins and artwork they

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Malta Folk Dancing

Six dancers in traditional eighteenth century costumes performing Maltese folk dances called Il-Maltija.   Il-Maltija the name given to the country dance (Maltese kuntradanza) which has

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Malta Landscape

Malta is an island speck of mostly limestone in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Tunisia with some beautiful country landscapes.  This view is from

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