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Dalton Trumbo in Bathtub Sculpture, Grand Junction

Sculptures of Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction is the largest city on Colorado’s Western Slope with a population of around 150,000. Native Americans lived and hunted in this area for thousands of years. Europeans first settled here in the 1880s at the junction of the Colorado River (then called the Grand River) and the Gunnison

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Hells Canyon, Idaho

Idaho: Natural Beauty and Boundless Recreation

Idaho may be one of least well-known states even though it’s an outdoor paradise. It reminds me of Colorado when I lived there as a child. Then I could go almost anywhere in the mountains, anytime of the year, and it wasn’t crowded. I don’t know how long it’s going

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Yellowstone River Canyon & Lower Falls with Title

Yellowstone National Park

President Grant signed the Yellowstone Act of 1872 into law to preserve 2 million acres of public land as America’s first national park. The land was occupied by Shoshone Indians and other indigenous nations who hunted there for thousands of years. After an 1856 exploration, Jim Bridger spoke about the

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Dinosaur National Monument Fossils

Dinosaur National Monument

I grew up in Colorado and have visited most of the major national parks and monuments, but for some reason never made it to Dinosaur National Monument in northwest Colorado and northeast Utah. Well, I finally did on the first stop of a 16-day, 3000-mile Rocky Mountain Road Trip. As

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“On the Edge of Nowhere” by James Huntington

On the Edge of Nowhere

by James Huntington For sheer excitement and adventure, few novels match the true-life story of James Huntington. The son of a white trapper and Indian

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