Malta Landscape

Malta is an island speck of mostly limestone in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Tunisia with some beautiful country landscapes.  This view is from the fortified walls of the city of Mdina. 

The landscape of Malta islands were formed from the higher points of the land bridge that connected Sicily with North Africa. Malta have a few waterways that supply limited fresh water throughout the year such as Lunzjata Valley in Gozo. Although there are long hours of strong sunshine that the Islands receive throughout the year, Still there’s a water supplying but it is limited. The eastern side of the island is divided by three large bays, while in the West there is a concentration of natural harbours.

Ed Hotchkiss
Ed Hotchkiss

My goal is to travel to all the countries of the world. I count 197 countries, starting with the United Nations list of 193 and adding Taiwan, Vatican, Kosovo and Palestine. For the rest of my life, I want to see and experience as much of the world as possible, while documenting it in photographs and observations.

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