Middle East & Caucasus

Cappadocia - Fairy Chimneys

Turkey 2008

Cappadocia – Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia – Cave Homes Cappadocia – Soccer Practice Cappadocia – Göreme Building Cappadocia – Dark Church Fresco Ishak Pasha Palace _

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Muslim Quarter - Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem Old City 2010

Muslim Quarter – Dome of the Rock Muslim Quarter – Dome of the Rock Interior Muslim Quarter – Dome of the Rock_s Well of Souls Muslim Quarter – Street Muslim Quarter – People in Mosque Clothes Muslim Quarter – Fruit Shop Muslim Quarter – Steps Jewish Quarter – Wailing Wall

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Nablus - Skyline

Palestine 2010

Nablus – Skyline Nablus – Family Nablus – Book Sellers Nablus – Women in Market Nablus – Horse _ Boys Nablus – Street After Market Closes Bethlehem – Banksy Girl Frisking Solider Mural Bethlehem – Church of the Nativity Interior Bethlehem – Church of the Nativity_s Manger of Jesus Monastery

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Mea She_arim - Young Boys

Israel 2010

Mea She_arim – Young Boys Mea She_arim – Man with Shtreimel Mea She_arim – Street Mea She_arim – Two Women in Black Dresses Masada Masada – Tower Masada – View of Landscape_Fotor

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Cairo - Woman in Veil

Egypt 2007

Cairo – Woman in Veil Cairo – Sitting Man Cairo – Sitting Men Cairo – Sitting Women Cairo – Street Merchant Cairo – Sitting Young Men Cairo – Mother _ Children in Market Cairo – Bread Seller Cairo – Auto Parts Store Cairo – Cave Church of the Zabbaleen Cairo

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Damascus- Umayyad Mosque 10-1

Syria 2009

Damascus- Umayyad Mosque 10-1 Damascus- Umayyad Mosque 1-1 Damascus – St Paul_s Chapel _ Priest Damascus – St Paul_s Chapel _ Crucifixion Damascus – St Paul_s Chapel _ Dome Damascus – Mausoleum of Saladin Damascus – Souq Al-Hamidyya Damascus – Bicyce _ Rug Damascus – Wall of Notices Damascus –

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Weißgerbergasse Nuremberg


Nuremberg – Historic City and World War II Legacy   Nuremberg has an impressive Old Town with intact medieval walls, a massive Imperial Palace and

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