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Tumi Backpack with Wheels

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Ed Hotchkiss

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Over a decade ago, I decided to buy a backpack with wheels from Tumi, a company known for its extremely well-made luggage. It was a hard decision, because it cost $400, which was astronomical for someone who regularly bought backpacks from Army surplus stores for about a tenth of the cost. But it was on sale and I reluctantly did it. I’ve never regretted it. Despite extensive use in traveling to six continents, the fabric is without holes and only has a few scuff marks. The metal zippers still function well. I pack my camera equipment in it and take it as a carryon in planes. Most of the time, I use it with wheels. However, I have used it on my back, such as taking motorcycle taxis in Kano, Nigeria, and it distributed the weight evenly and did not hurt my back. Of note, this is not a backpack to wear all day or take on a long trek. Rather it’s a combination of carry-on luggage and occasional backpack. Tumi products are expensive, but they last years and are a good value for the frequent traveler. Below is a picture of my model which is no longer offered, but there are comparable ones such as this.

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