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Latin America & Caribbean

My Buenos Aires Travel Guide, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sandra Gutrejde of My Buenos Aires Travel Guide is extremely helpful in arranging tours in every part of the vast country of Argentina, as well as securing tickets for performances in Buenos Aires. She is a life-long resident of Buenos Aires and takes great pleasure in providing highly dedicated travel planning services.

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Valley Rent-A-Car, Douglas-Charles Airport, Dominica

Dominica is a small island, about the area of New York City or Malta. While distances are short driving is slow because the island is covered with heavily forested mountains. The best way to get around is with a SUV. We rented from Valley Rent-A-Car in the Douglas-Charles Airport and received excellent

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Hotel Monasterio, Sucre, Bolivia

A highlight of Sucre is the Hotel Monasterio, an elegant 16th century, colonial property with a wonderful central sitting area. You feel transported to another era where monks lived a quiet and meditative life. The buffet breakfast offers a broad array of local dishes. The management strives to be environmentally friendly

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Diamond View Cottages, Castle Comfort, Dominica

The Diamond View Cottages is a scenic location and close to several of the country’s main attractions. It’s a five-minute drive south of Roseau, the capital. The spacious two-unit houses have an excellent view of the mountains and the Caribbean Sea. Clyde (aka Black Diamond) is the owner and worked in construction

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Trail guide, Michelle Delgado - Inca Trail

Tawa Experiences

Michelle Delgado of Tawa Experiences is a superb guide around Cusco, Peru. My wife, two friends and I walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu over 4 days. She constantly made sure we were doing well. Michelle knew the stories behind all the Inca landmarks and was excited to relay

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Chadi Symes, Roseau, Dominica

On certain hikes to waterfalls and hot springs in Dominica, it’s important to have a guide, as every step can be dangerous, especially when crossing rivers. We had one of the best in the country, Chadi Symes, who is strong, agile, and knowledgeable about the terrain. Traveling and need advice on

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