Tahiana Tour Guide, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the most difficult countries to drive. The few highways have extensive potholes, long unpaved stretches and no street signs outside of a few cities. The roads have to be shared with pedestrians, livestock, wagons, buses and bush taxis. At night, there are few streetlights and you

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Le Jardin de Giancarlo Restaurant, Toliara, Madagascar

The colorful ceiling and walls of Le Jardin Restaurant are covered with unframed paintings by local artists. Italian Chef Giancarlo used to work on one of the current Love Boats and sailed the Seven Seas. He married a local Malagasy woman and set up his own restaurant in Toliara. The restaurant specializes

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Ramatour, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Madagascar is a big country with sizable national parks filled with indigenous animals and plant life. It’s also undeveloped with only a few highways and limited hotels. I highly recommend using a local tour operator, because arrangements are difficult to plan from outside the country. We used Ramartour, a Malagasy agent

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